About balcony repair

It goes without saying that the balcony is one of the places that add value to the apartment. Not only financially, but also spiritually. After all, they give the apartment a larger space, a sense of outdoor living.

In addition, balconies become a useful space by hanging potted plants, hammocks, sofas, pendant lamps and many other things that create a comfortable place for people to sit and enjoy.

However, perhaps more than any other part of the apartment – due to its exposure to the elements – balconies require regular maintenance as they wear out over time. Often the defects are surface deterioration caused by concrete degradation, water corrosion, oxidation of handrails, water accumulation, abrasion, or a combination of any of these. Then when you add other elements (heat, rain, wind, cold, etc.) the above problems can be exacerbated and cause more damage.

The problem is that even though residents can see signs of neglect, they don’t take immediate action: they get the idea that the problem is outside the house, not inside, so it’s not that important. The truth is that this is a misconception. When the surface of the balcony is broken (loose tiles, poured concrete, rust spots, efflorescence, etc.), water can penetrate the tiles, and this process can continue along the structural elements such as reinforcing steel. Not only does this have the potential to rust the steel, but there is also the risk that it can seep through the steel into interior spaces such as walls, ceilings and light fixtures.

Here is our advice to residents: pay attention to the obvious signs of balcony failure. The problem may seem minor, but having an engineer or structural repair professional address the problem early minimizes the damage and thus your repair costs.

You can contact our professional team for timely repair of your balcony!